Welcome to Antshire


In order to provide a visually rich environment (sounds good that bit) I have raided the download station extensively. I couldn't possibly thank everyone individually, but there are a few outstanding contributors who I must mention.

First and foremost Terry Franks (TaFWeb), without whose detailed models of british buildings and artifacts the whole look and feel of Antshire would be very different. Also for his excellent Trainz Objectz program which helped me keep track of everything.

David 'Crazy' Johnson and David Tweddle (rabid) for track side objects.

Ian Manion (Vulcan) for many things, but in particularly for inspiring Port Katherine harbour, together with Jon Hull (austin316hockey) who supplied the lifting bridge and one or two other items.

David Dallaston (PikkaBird), David H. Elliott and Allan Rees (Jetstreamsky) for their British vehicles

Jonny211 for the GWR stuff.

Anthony Brailsford for the Hastings units, which I well remember from my youth.

Maurizio Gavioli (Maurizio0) for his excellent TrainzMap software.

And finally, of course, Auran/N3V. Where would we be without them?

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