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Antshire - The Original Scenario

System Requirements

The scenarios will only run on Trainz UTC build 404 (i.e. including the Service Pack), and early versions of TRS2004.

The scenario was developed and tested on on an Athlon XP1400 system with 512MB of memory, a nVidea GX400 video card and RAID 0 striped disk drives.

In UTC used to run it with "keepparticles = 1" and "ResourceMemory=256" in the trainzoptions.txt and the following configuration options:

A list of trainzoptions values
Option Value
Texture Passes: 1
Detail Level: 1
Ground Draw Distance: 2
Scenery Draw Distance: 1
Texture Quality: Medium
Resource Cache Size: 256

and everything else at the defaults. I never tested extensively it in TRS2004 but the keepparticles = 1 option did not appear to be necessary.

Setting the Texture Quality to Medium or Low appeared to be the key to getting good performance.

Eventually, once everything's cached, the frame rate used to come up to something acceptable. The poly count around Port Kate Rail Centre is way too high though.

It was written basically for my own enjoyment, and I kept hoping that one day I'll be able to afford the kit it needed.

That said, it seemed that quite a few people found it next to impossible to run I, therefore, produced an Antshire Lite version.

Route Map

Antshire Map


As it says on the box, "Not so much a scenario, as a layout with a heap of code behind it. Based on a fictional English landscape from around 1980, give or take a few anachronisms". The layout covers six boards and includes urban, industrial and rural areas.

The consists lists is as follows:

A list of Antshire consists
Antshire Antshire Lite Type Comment
0 0 Static The signal box at Port Kate Rail Centre, take a look round whilst your waiting for the cache to fill.
1 - 4 1 Drivable Steam Engines These are all based at the Port Kate Rail Centre, and are available for you to drive.
5 - 8 2 & 3 Drivable Vintage Diesel
9 - Drivable BR Engines Only one at the moment, a Class 8 based on Port Katherine North quay-side and intended for shunting movements. There was going to be a Class 37 based at Samington but it seems to have got lost.
10 4 Automated Helicopter and Guided Tour Sit back and enjoy a flight around some of Antshire's more interesting features. Just click the lever and away you go.
11 - 17 5 - 7 Automated BR Trains Hop on board any of these and "let the train take the strain", as the old British Rail ads used to say.
18 - 22 8 - 12 Rakes Goods and passenger trains awaiting engines
23 & 24 13 Static Objects on display


Running on Trainz UTC, all junctions are interlocked and automated as far as possible. You should never need to worry about any of the trailing points.

For the automated trains, the direction taken is chosen randomly as the train approaches, and the junctions are set and locked accordingly.

For manual trains you can set the positions of leading points in advance, and they should be preserved even if an automated train goes through the junction before you.

However, as junctions are locked and interlocked as soon as your train (or any other) passes over the outer trigger point (just before the "distant" signal), you need to set them well in advance using the map screen. If a junction is locked, watch the messages in the bottom left of the screen, and jump in there as soon as it is unlocked.

Platform allocation at Samington and Port Katherine Harbour South is fully automated for both manual and automatic trains. Train turn round is automated in a crude, blink-of-an-eye way, for all trains (however, see below).

Setting Valton North (VN01) left will take you to Port Katherine; right will take you to Bethampton. Setting Bethampton West (BW01) left will take you to Valton along the single-track line. Setting it right will also take you to Valton, but via Buggleham Junction and the Haunted Valley. Platform allocation at these stations is otherwise automatically controlled.

Automated Trains

There are three types: Slow, Fast and Goods. Slow stop at every station, Fast only at the larger towns and Goods only at terminuses.

A list of automated trains
Train Type Antshire Antshire Lite
Class 43 HST Fast Consist 11 Consist 5
Class 37 + 5 Mk2 Coaches Slow Consist 12 Consist 6
Hastings Unit Slow Consist 13 n/a
4-CIG (experimental fuel-cell powered version!) Fast Consist 14 n/a
Class 50 + parcel vans Goods Consist 15 Consist 7
Class158 Slow Consist 16 n/a
Two coach Class 101 Sprinter Slow Consist 17 n/a

The Class 50 was my favourite ride; good views out out of the cab and it only stopped at Samington and Port Katherine Harbour South.

Manual Trains

When you start the scenario you will find yourself in the restored signal box at the Port Kate Rail Centre (housed in the former Port Katherine MPD and carriage sidings).

In the Lite version, the centre is in its early days. The main engine shed is yet to be restored, and only a very few vehicles are on site.

In the full version, the centre has grown somewhat. There are a number of historic engines (both steam and diesel) stabled here, together with a selection of other historic rolling stock, all of which can be taken out for a spin round the network.

Please bear in mind that the random nature of the automated train movements mean that you never know when you are going to come upon a red signal, so be prepared to stop if necessary.

As you approach the gates to the centre, you sill see a message in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen telling you the gates have been opened, and if you roll forward a little further a message asking you to wait for clearance will be displayed (repeatedly I'm afraid, another bug). This has been corrected in the Lite version.

Again because the BR trains are a law unto themselves, there can be quite a long wait at Port Katherine East for clearance to join the mainline, but there is not much I can do about that. There is no easy way to give precedence to one entry point over the others.

You may also experience some delays if you choose to take the Bethampton to Valton-on-Sea line, as this is single track.


The code is not bomb-proof, but I have had it running for a hour or so without locking up.

Shunting Movements

Currently the scenario only supports mainline movements. There are, however, levers outside Samington, Port Katherine East and Port Katherine South signal boxes that are meant to switch their respective junctions into fully manual mode. These are not fully tested.

You will need to ensure that your trains are in a logical place before re-engaging automatic control. Traveling backwards over any trigger point when automatic control is engaged is likely to have unpredictable results.

Other Problems