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Antshire 3 - The Current Version

System Requirements

This version of Antshire has been developed using TRS2006 (version 2.6 build 3092), and has not been tested in any other version of the program.

It was developed and tested on on an Athlon 64 3700+ system with 3GB of emory, a nVidea GeForce 8600 GT video card and RAID 0 striped disk drives. The performance is pretty jerky, I have to admit.

Route Map

Antshire 3 Map


The Session

As with the original Antshire, but using the built in functionality of TRS2006, all trains are full automated. The drivers are assigned as follows:

A list of Trainz drivers
DriverEngineConsist Start FromRoute
Eric Class 37 Passengers Antchester MPD Boat Train from Antchester General to Port Katherine Harbour South. Calling at Ronniton Low Level, Valton-on-Sea and Port Katherine Town.
Sean Class 43 Passengers Samington MPD Samington to Valton-on-Sea. Calling at Samington Airport, Antchester West and Port Katherine Town
Geoff Class 508 Passengers Samington MPD Samington to Ronniton Low Level. Calling at Bethampton, Valton-on-Sea (via Haunted Valley) and Port Katherine Town.
Damon Class 43 Passengers Antchester MPD Antchester to Samington (via Widdlington Junction) non-stop.
Ami Class 117 Passengers Antchester MPD Fyd-yr-Mwlir to Valton-on-Sea. Calling at Antchester General, Antchester East, Antchester Bettidean (for the Ronny Valley Railway), Houghton St Anthony and Bethampton. Then via the Hepzibah Hall line to Valton.
Paul Class 4MT Passengers Antchester Bettidean Steam service from Antchester Bettidean to Bolton St Margaret on the Ronny Valley Railway. Calling at Ronniton High Level and Houghton St John Halt.
Charlie Class 37 Coal Fyd-yr-Mwlir Fyd-yr-Mwlir Mines to Antchester Power Station.
Vaughan Class 66 Containers Samington Intermodal Samington Intermodal to Port Katherine Harbour North.
Phillipe Class 35 Wood Port Katherine Harbour North Port Katherine Harbour North to Samington Works.
Alistair Class 31 Oil Antchester Refinery Port Katherine Harbour South Oil Terminal to Antchester Refinery.
Adair Class 31 Oil Antchester Refinery Antchester Refinery to Samington Airport
Tasha Bus Passengers Samington Airport Samington Airport Park and Ride Service
Andrew Bus Passengers Antchester East Estate Antchester town service form the east estate to the out of town shopping mall via Antchester General.
Louise Class 31 Goods Samington Intermodal Samington Works to Antchester Factory.
Thomas Bus Passengers Samington Samington to Bolton St Margaret
Hentis WC/BoB Passengers Port Kate Rail Centre Cathedrals Express from Port Kate Rail Centre. Circular via Valton-on-Sea and Antchester General.
Stenke Helicopter Passengers Port Kate Rail Centre Circular trips round the bay.
Moira Class 31 Oil Antchester Oil Refinery Antchester Oil Refinery to Fyd-yr-Mwlir Mines