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Antshire and Antshire Lite

My first, and only, layout. It just keeps growing. As I was putting together the layout, I became increasingly frustrated by the lack of interlocking on the points, and started to delve into the mysteries of TrainzScript. Although not a trained coder (I was a Business Analyst by trade), I managed to muddle through and eventually ended up with the Antshire Scenario

I uploaded it to the Download Station, and was greeted by howls of anguish from people who found the level of detail too much. As they were undoubtedly right I have also produced an Antshire Lite version, not that it is that much better.

Trainz Railroad Simulator 2004

I did not produce a TRS2004 version of Antshire. Initially the scenarios ran OK under this version of Trainz as the scenario section of the code did not appear to have changed much from UTC. However this broke when SP4 came out.

There were three problems:

Run Round Rule

One of the things that annoyed me about the initial release of TRS2004 (though not half as much as the "See it on the map" and other inane comments from the drivers) was the sight of trains bowling along at 60mph with the engine at the rear. I, therefore, nicked the code used used in Antshire at Samington and Port Katherine Harbour South to turn the trains around and put it into a driver rule.

Although I called it a Run Round Rule it didn't really do a run round; it just swapped the engine from one end of the train to the other. As in Antshire, it was not recommended for tender engines or double headers as it only moved the front most vehicle. Furthermore, the bug in UTC which meant that it all went horribly wrong if you where in cab view when the train turned round, still seemed to exist in TRS2004.

The rule is available from the Download Station of from my Downloads Page, but has now been superceded by Auran's much superior Run Round Rule.