Welcome to Antshire

This is just a quick introduction to Antshire, an imaginary part of Britain for Auran's splendid Trainz. Together with some other bits and pieces I've been putting together.


Having taken the plunge and treated myself to a copy of Trainz Railroad Simulator 2009 - World Builder Edition, it seems like a good idea to release the TRS 2006 version (Antshire 3) to the download station. This duly arrived on 12th February 2009 but had some missing assets I did not know about due to the version 127 bug. A new version is currently on its way to the download station.

I have done some initial testing of Antshire 3 in TS2009. There seems to be a problem with the signalling, which causes some trains to grind to a halt, and all the trees bring the performance to its knees, so don't expect a TS2009 compatible version anytime soon.


Back in the dim distant past, before even Trainz UTC came out, I started creating a fictional table-top layout called Antshire. This eventually formed the basis of the Antshire and Antshire Lite scenarios.

With the passing of time these became difficult if not impossible to play, and are now defunct.

Antshire 3

The original Antshire had a reputation as a resource hungry monster, and I regret to say that Antshire 3 is not a lot better. Standing at 16 baseboards and packed with far too much detail, I'm getting used to jerky performance. Mind you, my hardware is not in it's first flush of youth.

My principle interest is landscape photography, and examples of my real photos can be found on my Strolling Guides site (including some real railways). The layout is basically built as a source of screen shots, and is not really aimed at those who like driving trains. Or, indeed, for sticklers for prototypical accuracy.

Also on this site are some bizarre shots of what happened when I used the "Delete Missing Assets" in TRS2006 (prior to SP1).

Anthony Houghton